La Goulette

As you travel north from Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, La Goulette is always the first place you visit.  The main port of Tunis lies in La Goulette, a hub of activity, culinary delights and ancient history. The cooling breeze of the sea blows across the numerous authentic Tunisian restaurants based along the shoreline.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the original, authentic Tunisian delights we have brought to you from our country to London. Rest assured, authenticity is our only rule.  Be aware, in La Goulette, only Tunisian Cuisine makes the grade.  Share stories and laughter over mouthfuls of couscous, prepared freshly just for you. Eat until you can no longer move, and once again, sit back, relax and allow the tinkle of live Tunisian music to take over your soul.

Welcome to La Goulette. Welcome to Tunisia. 

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